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Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 1: A First Glimpse (90 tags)
Many developers use Eclipse out of the box as an IDE, never investigating its powerful extensibility. But as Emmanuel Proulx shows in this first installment of a new series, Eclipse's modular system of plugins allow you to customize it to your suit your development needs.

Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer (19 tags)
It's 2005 and you're using Eclipse. Should you still be creating your database tables and seeding them with data by hand, from an SQL command-line utility? Deepak Vohra introduces the SQLExplorer plugin for Eclipse, which allows you to put a GUI on your development-time database access.

Developing Movable Type Plug-ins (11 tags)
Movable Type's features are so rich that the tool's uses have begun to transcend weblogging. In this article, Timothy Appnel examines the MT plug-in framework, its complete API, the basics of hooking into the core systems operation, and its data persistence service.

Plug-In Detection with JavaScript (9 tags)
Here's how to use JavaScript to see if visitors have the required plug-ins to view your site's content. If they don't, you can either serve a plain HTML version of the page, or point them to where they can download the necessary plug-in.

Working with Hibernate in Eclipse (9 tags)
Jim Elliott was curious about whether anyone had written plugins to work with Hibernate in Eclispe, as he'd just finished writing Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook. It turns out there are several such efforts underway. In this article, Jim explores Hibernate Synchronizer--a plugin that automatically updates your Java code when you change your mapping document.