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Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 1: A First Glimpse (37 tags)
Many developers use Eclipse out of the box as an IDE, never investigating its powerful extensibility. But as Emmanuel Proulx shows in this first installment of a new series, Eclipse's modular system of plugins allow you to customize it to your suit your development needs.

Developing Movable Type Plug-ins (17 tags)
Movable Type's features are so rich that the tool's uses have begun to transcend weblogging. In this article, Timothy Appnel examines the MT plug-in framework, its complete API, the basics of hooking into the core systems operation, and its data persistence service.

Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 3: Customizing a Wizard (6 tags)
Emmanuel Proulx's series on Eclipse plugin development continues by showing how to put together a useful data model and a wizard GUI.

Eclipse Plugins Exposed, Part 2: Simple GUI Elements (2 tags)
Eclipse is largely composed of plugins, but you can't just write any arbitrary code and have Eclipse magically incorporate it. In part two of his series on Eclipse, Emmanuel Proulx introduces Eclipse's "extension points" by showing how to create toolbar buttons, menu items, and dialogs.