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Create Podcasts Using Your PC (43 tags)
Want to create a podcast? It's simpler than you think. Jake Ludington shows you how to do it using tools virtually everyone has or can easily acquire on a tiny budget.

How to Record a Podcast (38 tags)
Podcasting involves two distinct tasks. First you have to record the audio and prepare it for listening. Then you need to syndicate it via RSS so others can subscribe to your programs. In this tutorial, Glenn Fleishman shows you some nifty tricks for recording your audio, especially if you want to capture phone interviews for syndication.

Audio Linkblogging (19 tags)
Jon Udell experiments with audio linkblogging in his latest column (a follow up to his MP3 Sound Bites article) to show how he creates a sound-bite podcast of interesting quotes from his collection of online audio programs and interviews.