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Running Cyrus IMAP (16 tags)
As laptops and mobility become more effective and prevalent, your job as a system administrator is to provide users with easy, secure access to their data. IMAP is one way to allow users to receive email wherever they go. Cyrus IMAP is a popular server, but installation and configuration is a bear. Fortunately, Francisco Reyes has the answer in this tutorial on installing and configuring Cyrus IMAP with Postfix.

Postfix: A Secure and Easy-to-Use MTA (14 tags)
While Sendmail runs half the mail servers in the world, there are smaller and easier-to-use mail transfer agents (MTAs). Network administrator Glenn Graham demonstrates how Postfix gives you most of the power with a fraction of the pain.

Using Qpsmtpd (3 tags)
While email is increasingly a worker's most important communication medium, the onslaught of attacks from spam, viruses, and other malicious email content is ever increasing. By implementing a mail server in Perl, you can use your favorite language to mitigate those attacks and provide greater flexibility in processing incoming mail. Matt Sergeant shows how to install, configure, and write plugins for Qpsmtpd.

Troubleshooting with Postfix Logs (2 tags)
Kyle Dent, author of Postfix: The Definitive Guide, discusses Postfix logging in general, how to find all relevant information in the logs, and how to increase the amount of logging when more information is needed. He also suggests a few configuration guidelines that might help prevent problems from the start.