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Profiling Your Applications with Eclipse Callisto (91 tags)
Callisto, a bundle of optional plugins for Eclipse, now comes with a profiling tool called the Test & Performance Tools Platform (TPTP). TPTP includes testing, tracing, performance monitoring, profiling, and static-code analysis tools. John Ferguson Smart offers this guided tour of how to use TPTP to speed up your apps.

Profiling Perl (4 tags)
How do you know what your Perl programs are spending their time doing? How do you know where to start optimizing slow code? The answer to both these questions is "profiling," and Simon Cozens looks at how it's done.

Debugging and Profiling mod_perl Applications (3 tags)
How do you use the debugger on a mod_perl application? How do you profile an application embedded in a web server, with multiple child processes? Don't worry. Where there's Perl, there's a way. Frank Wiles demonstrates how to debug and profile mod_perl applications.