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Six Things First-Time Squid Administrators Should Know (25 tags)
New users often struggle with the same frustrating set of idiosyncrasies involved in learning Squid, the popular web caching software. Duane Wessels, creator of Squid and author of Squid: The Definitive Guide, provides in-depth discussion on six things system administrators should know about using Squid from the get-go.

Eleven Metrics to Monitor for a Happy and Healthy Squid (7 tags)
Duane Wessels offers 11 tips to help you stay on top of Squid's performance. If you follow this advice, you should be able to discover problems before your users begin calling you to complain. Duane is the creator of Squid and the author of Squid: The Definitive Guide.

How to Publish Multiple Websites Using a Single Tomcat Web Application (4 tags)
While the idea of mapping several names onto one Apache instance with VirtualHost directives is well known, what do you do when you're serving web apps with Tomcat? Satya Komatineni has both the code and the configs that you'll need to make this work.

Peering Squid Caches (4 tags)
If you are paying for bandwidth by the byte, organizing your Squid servers to work together can save you lots of money. Jennifer Vesperman shows how to configure Squid to work with its peers.

Web Testing with HTTP::Recorder (2 tags)
The HTTP::Recorder module is a brilliant new way of writing tests for web applications -- it works as a proxy, watching how you navigate around a site and then replays the browsing session to check that everything is what you expect. Its author, Linda Julien, explains how to start writing web site test suites.