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Parsing and Writing QuickTime Files in Java (19 tags)
Writing QuickTime files in Java is easy, if you understand the file format. Chris Adamson argues that it makes a lot of sense. This article explains how the file format works, demonstrating how to read and write to QT files.

Integrating QuickTime with Cocoa (8 tags)
After providing a brief QuickTime overview, Doug Welton shows you how to integrate digital media with Cocoa, then finishes up with an example of building a QuickTime Movie Player that you can include in your own applications.

Magnificent Seven: What's New for Users in QuickTime 7 (7 tags)
Tiger is cool, but it's not the only new cat on the block. Apple has also released an updated version of QuickTime. Chris Adamson examines the user-visible features and changes in QT 7, including QT 7 Pro, renovations to the QuickTime Player application, and the implications of the powerful new H.264 video codec.

What's New For Developers in QuickTime (7 tags)
In Part 1 of this series, Chris Adamson covered the new features of QT7 that end users will see. Today, he shows you some of the most prominent changes from a developer point of view, including: the QTKit API for Cocoa, the new QuickTime MetaData API, support for frame reordering codecs, Core Audio-based sound enhancements, and QuickTime for Java.