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What Is RDF (56 tags)
An introduction to the W3C's Resource Description Format, a standard for exchanging metadata, and a key technology for the W3C's "Semantic Web".

Screenscraping the Senate (31 tags)
In Paul Ford's first Hacking Congress column, he shows us how to turn information on the U.S. Senate site into RDF.

Converting XML to RDF (27 tags)
Bob DuCharme explains how to convert XML into RDF -- using the XML returned by Amazon's REST web service -- in this month's Transforming XML column.

Building Metadata Applications with RDF (21 tags)
After some time wondering what to do with RDF, Bob DuCharme found RDFlib, a Python RDF processing library, and "the lightbulb finally went on." Bob describes his experiences.

An Introduction to FOAF (18 tags)
Friend-of-a-friend, FOAF, is an RDF vocabulary for machine-readable homepages. It enables the expression of decentralized social networks akin to the centralized ones seen in Friendster and Orkut. Leigh Dodds provides an introduction to FOAF and its use.