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Show Me the Code (4 tags)
Joe Gregorio returns with another Restful Web column, taking up the issue of designing a REST protocol for your application.

The Builders of Basecamp (3 tags)
Marc Hedlund spoke with Jason Fried, president of 37signals (the company that makes Basecamp and Ta-da Lists), about its history and products, and about Ruby on Rails, the open source web application framework spun out of Basecamp's development. Check out Jason's presentation, Lessons Learned While Building Basecamp, at O'Reilly's Emerging Technology Conference later this month.

What Is Skype (3 tags)
Heard the Skype hype and want to learn more? Here's what you need to know. Skype lets you make free calls over the internet to anyone anywhere in the world who also has Skype. Your computer (or PocketPC) works as your telephone. In this article, James Gaskin descibes what Skype is, how it works, and where its limitations and strengths lie. James is the author of Talk Is Cheap.

Configuration Management in Java EE Applications Using Subversion (2 tags)
Does your enterprise Java application need to store not only complex objects or documents but a history of changes to them? Many developers try to solve this problem with database wizardry, but it's probably a better option to hand the job over to a configuration management system that is built for the task. In this article, Swaminathan Radhakrishnan shows how you can implement requirements for change tracking by using a Subversion repository from your Java application, by way of the JavaSVN library.

What Is Perl 6 (2 tags)
Perl 6 is the long-awaited rewrite of the venerable Perl programming language. What's the status? What's changing? What's staying the same? Why does Perl need a rewrite anyway? chromatic attempts to answer all of these questions.