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Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions (55 tags)
For many programmers, writing regular expressions is a black art. They stick to the features they know and hope for the best. Tony Stubblebine, author of Regular Expression Pocket Reference, says programmers can avoid a lot of trial and error by adopting these five habits for regular expression development. The code examples in this article use Perl, PHP, and Python, but the advice Tony espouses is applicable to nearly any regex implementation.

Regular Expressions in C++ with Boost.Regex (11 tags)
Searching and parsing text can be a messy business, especially in C++. Instead of building your own token-based state machine, spend an hour learning regular expressions and use a good package such as the regular expression library from the Boost library. Ryan Stephens demonstrates how to match, search, and parse text with Boost.Regex in C++.

Maintaining Regular Expressions (10 tags)
It's easy to get lost in complex regular expressions. Aaron Mackey offers a few tips and an ingenious technique to help you keep things straight.

Lexing Your Data (6 tags)
Perl is famous for its text-processing capabilities. However, sometimes the data you want to process is too complicated for regular expressions and you reach for a parser for HTML, RTF, or other common format. What happens you don't have a pre-defined parser, but the text you need to work with is too complicated for regular expressions? Curtis Poe shows how to do proper lexing with Perl.