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Build an iTunes Remote Control (11 tags)
AirPort Express is great for streaming music from your Mac, except when you have to change tracks from another room. There are commercial solutions available, but here's a great evening project using your web-enabled cell phone and the power of Mac OS X.

Configuring Eclipse for Remote Debugging (11 tags)
Debugging a server-side application? You probably don't want to dig through the log files and wonder what happened. Instead, you can run your server application in debug mode and attach to it with Eclipse, bringing the IDE's powerful debugger to bear on the remote application.

Remote Scripting with IFRAME (6 tags)
A look at how remote scripting can improve the user experience with complex JavaScript applications. Remote scripting provides for client/server data exchange without reloading the page.

Remote Scripting with AJAX, Part 1 (6 tags)
In this two-part series, Cameron Adams demonstrates the advantages of using remote scripting with the AJAX XMLHttpRequest protocol to create web apps and improve website functionality. Here in part one, he creates an example application that shows how to implement XMLHttpRequest. Stay tuned for part two, where he'll show how to create a usable interface for the example app.

Windows Server Hacks: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop (3 tags)
What to do when you need to enable Remote Desktop on a remote server? Mitch Tulloch, author of Windows Server Hacks, walks you through the steps.