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Throwing Shapes (4 tags)
Sometimes data processing works best when you separate the application into multiple parts; this is the well-loved client-server model. What goes on between the parts, though? Vladi Belperchinov-Shabanski walks through the design and implementation of a Remote Procedure Call system in Perl.

XML-RPC in Python (3 tags)
Take advantage of this lightweight method for using services on other computers with Python's xmlrpclib module.

Creating and Consuming Web Services With PHP (3 tags)
Find out how to create XML-RPC, SOAP and REST web services using PHP, the most popular scripting language for web applications.

Really Simple Web Service Descriptions (3 tags)
In his newest column, Rich Salz outlines a proposal for an interface definition language, called RSWS, that's simpler than WSDL and tuned for document-style services.

Cross-Language Remoting with mod_perlservice (2 tags)
Remoting -- sharing data between server and client processes -- is powerful, but writing your own protocols is tedious and difficult. XML-RPC is too simple and SOAP and CORBA are too complex. Isn't there something in the middle, something easier to set up and use? Michael W. Collins introduces mod_perlservice, an Apache httpd module that provides remote services to C, Perl, or Flash clients.