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Secure RSS Syndication (278 tags)
Joe Gregorio hacks a Greasemonkey script to make his browser decrypt a Blowfish-encrypted RSS channel on the fly.

Making Your RSS Feed Look Pretty in a Browser (234 tags)
As more and more non-techie websites offer syndication feeds, a growing number of non-technical readers are clicking on the links and filling their screens with confusing XML. But syndication content doesn't have to look like geeky markup or malformed text in your readers' browsers. You can make it look quite pretty, and give clues to what the feed is actually for. Ben Hammersley, author of Developing Feeds with RSS and Atom, shows you how.

What Is RSS (144 tags)
In Mark Pilgrim's inaugural Dive Into XML column, he reviews the history and technical details of the varieties of RSS on the Web. He also describes a method for parsing most active RSS feeds.

RSS and AJAX: A Simple News Reader (135 tags)
Paul Sobocinksi combines RSS and AJAX to build a simple, in-browser news reader that you can deploy on any website.

The New Bloglines Web Services (59 tags)
Marc Hedlund takes a look at the new Bloglines Web Services APIs and their effect on the RSS/Atom landscape, and presents a complete, three-pane desktop RSS/Atom reader written in just 150 lines of code with the Groovy programming language.