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Everything You Wanted to Know About Safari RSS, Part 1 (9 tags)
Safari 2.0 stands tall among the Tiger highlights. In this three-part series, you'll learn everything you need to know to customize this browser for newsreading. Plus, you'll explore the technologies that power Safari RSS beneath that beautiful UI.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Safari RSS, Part 2 (6 tags)
In part one of this series, F.J. provided a solid overview of the Safari browser and the RSS specification. In this article, he shows you how to set up Safari RSS to serve as your newsreader, including lots of handy configuration tips.

Let's Build Another Dashboard Widget (4 tags)
Even though no real development environment exists now, there are some tricks and techniques that can be used to make Dashboard widget development easier. Andrew Anderson explores some tricks and techniques and presents a widget that uses JavaScript's XMLHttpRequest method to retrieve spelling suggestions from Google.

BYOB: Build Your Own Browser (4 tags)
WebKit is a fully functional set of web browsing components that developers can integrate into their Cocoa/Carbon applications. Andrew Anderson shows you how to get your hands dirty with this easy-to-use API.

Getting Started with the Safari Web Service (2 tags)
Wei-Meng Lee shows how to create an application for the Safari Web Service API using the .NET framework.