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Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac (45 tags)
Samba is one of the most successful open source projects around, and has been ported to Linux, various BSDs, and Darwin/Mac OS X. Currently it provides disk and print shares, acts as a WINS server, and performs NT4 primary domain controller duties. Jason Deraleau takes you inside Samba and shows you how to configure it on your Jaguar Macintosh.

Network Installation of Windows Printers from Samba (16 tags)
The combination of Samba and CUPS makes network printing on a mixed Linux/Windows LAN easier than ever. You can share Linux printers with Windows clients, and Windows printers with Linux clients. A Linux/Samba/CUPS printer server is reliable and reasonably simple to set up and maintain. Carla Schroder, author of Linux Cookbook, shows you how.

FreeBSD Access Control Lists (3 tags)
The Unix permissions model has worked for decades due to its flexible simplicity. It's not the only approach, though. FreeBSD 5.0 supports Access Control Lists, which allow for more flexible permissions. Daniel Harris explains what ACLs can make easier.