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What Is Quartz (9 tags)
Java programmers: if you've ever needed an application to perform a task at a specific time, automatically, Chuck Cavaness suggests you check out the Quartz Scheduler. Cavaness looks at this open source job-scheduling framework, explains where to get it, how it works, and reviews its feature set.

Using Timers in J2EE Applications (3 tags)
J2SE gained support for scheduled tasks in 1.3, and J2EE 1.4 provides an enterprise equivalent, with transactional, scheduled callbacks provided by application containers. Debu Panda introduces J2EE timers by way of an EJB that gets scheduled services.

Job Scheduling in Java (3 tags)
Scheduling recurring execution of a piece of code is a common task for Java developers. The Timer class has its place, but as Dejan Bosanac explains, developers with more sophisticated requirements might want to check out the Quartz API.