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An Introduction to Schematron (2 tags)
The Schematron schema language differs from most other XML schema languages in that it is a rule-based language that uses path-expressions instead of grammars. A Schematron schema makes assertions applied to a specific context within the document. This article introduces Schematron and its use.

Validating XML with Schematron (2 tags)
Schematron is an XSLT-based language for validating XML documents. This article explains why schema languages are required and introduces the principles behind Schematron.

Combining RELAX NG and Schematron (2 tags)
Eddie Robertsson explains how RELAX NG and Schematron can be mixed in a single schema to get the combined validation power of both languages.

Constraining Validation (2 tags)
What's the difference between validation and business rules? XML developers discuss how and why to use them.