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Unix Gems for Mac OS X (4 tags)
Mac OS X users benefit from the platform's Unix underpinnings every time they launch their system. But the Unix heritage brings more to the table than power and stability; it also includes dozens of time-tested, useful utilities. In this article Kevin O'Malley shows you three Unix gems he thinks you'll start using right away.

Spidering Hacks (3 tags)
This week we offer two hacks from Spidering Hacks that save you time as well as extra trips to your favorite web sites. The first is on using Template::Extract, a Perl module that allows you to scrape a web page to generate RSS from its data structure. And the second is on using a program called dailystrips to grab all your favorite online comic strips and have them presented in one HTML file.

Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Making of the Movie (2 tags)
Jon Udell explains the process of making a documentary screencast, taking a look at the various screencast genres and examining the potential significance of this medium.