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Screencasting Strategies (31 tags)
In response to reader requests for more information on the process of making screencasts--video representations of screen activity--Jon Udell devotes this column to guidelines and tips he's developed for capturing audio and video, and for editing screencasts, regardless of the tools you use.

Movies of Software (20 tags)
Jon Udell examines using movies to describe, demonstrate, or document the behavior of software in this month's installment of Primetime Hypermedia.

Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Making of the Movie (19 tags)
Jon Udell explains the process of making a documentary screencast, taking a look at the various screencast genres and examining the potential significance of this medium.

The New Freshman Comp (10 tags)
In Jon Udell's latest column, he talks about screencasting, a subgenre of film that tell stories about the limited--but growing--slice of our lives that is mediated by software. Jon explains how your coding instincts can help you become a better writer, which in turn can help you in creating audiovisual narratives for screencasting. Speech and video, says Jon, should join writing and editing as the new freshman comp.

Hypermedia: Why Now? (6 tags)
In his latest column, Jon Udell explains why the hypermedia platform has now matured. While there's still standardizations needed in some areas, Jon points to broadband connectivity advances, streaming media and progressive downloading, blogging, and the latest craze, podcasting, as evidence the time is now for the networks of rich media.