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Creating Your Own CA (2 tags)
Rob Flickenger, author of O'Reilly's recently released Linux Server Hacks, shows you how to establish your own SSL Certificate Authority using OpenSSL and a utility called

A Wireless Long Shot (2 tags)
To test the outer limits of 802.11b wireless connectivity, a team of techies from O'Reilly & Associates attempts to bring a high bandwidth connection to homes in the hills of Sonoma County. In this first article, the team successfully links two antennae across a 5-mile wide valley at 11 MBps. Article includes a chart and three photos.

Implementing XML Encryption in Java (2 tags)
In the third of his series on Web Services Security for Java, Bilal Siddiqui joins together the pieces and adds XML encryption support to his WSS4J project.

What Is Service-Oriented Architecture (2 tags)
Service-Oriented Architecture underpins most modern web services. It aims to achieve loose coupling between interacting software agents in order to preserve the benefits of reusability, extensibility and simplicity.

Using The Perl XML::Parser Module (2 tags)
In this article Clark presents two Perl programs which demonstrate some of the XML::Parser module's capabilities.