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Semantic Wikis and Disaster Relief Operations (9 tags)
Dr. Soenke Ziesche describes how to use semantic wikis to provide a kind of queryable database of documents to support disaster response and humanitarian efforts at the United Nations.

Screenscraping the Senate (8 tags)
In Paul Ford's first Hacking Congress column, he shows us how to turn information on the U.S. Senate site into RDF.

SIMILE: Practical Metadata for the Semantic Web (4 tags)
Digital libraries and generic metadata form part of the background assumptions and forward-looking goals of the Semantic Web. SIMILE is an interesting project aimed at realizing some of those goals.

Dynamic News Stories (4 tags)
Adrian Holovaty, one of a new generation of geek-journalists and a main developer of Django, offers some suggestions for XML elements that could be used to make news stories more dynamic and more machine-readable.

The Semantic Blog (3 tags)
One of XML's promises is fine-grained, specific searching, but this doesn't come without a lot of effort in data preparation. Jon Udell looks for the sweet spot that marries spontaneity and structure.