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What Is Service-Oriented Architecture (4 tags)
Service-Oriented Architecture underpins most modern web services. It aims to achieve loose coupling between interacting software agents in order to preserve the benefits of reusability, extensibility and simplicity.

MP3 Sound Bites (4 tags)
Jon Udell demonstrates an MP3 clipping service he wrote to enable quotations of sound bites, in this second installment of his Prime-Time Hypermedia column.

Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines (3 tags)
Hao He offers guidelines and best practices for implementing REST web services.

Creating and Consuming Web Services With PHP (3 tags)
Find out how to create XML-RPC, SOAP and REST web services using PHP, the most popular scripting language for web applications.

Second Generation Web Services (3 tags)
If SOAP and friends are the first generation of web services, what will the future look like? Paul Prescod explains how the basics of HTTP, XML and URIs will underlie second generation web services.