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How to Create a REST Protocol (6 tags)
In his first installment of's new column, The Restful Web, Joe Gregorio, one of the people behind Atom, explains how to use REST to create an application protocol in four easy steps.

Yahoo! Web Services (5 tags)
Paul Bausch takes a look at the new Yahoo! Web Services interface and shows how to tap into the API with a sample application.

Stewart Butterfield on Flickr (5 tags)
Not even a year old and still in beta, Flickr is a revolutionary photo storage, sharing, and organization application boasting roughly 270,000 members. Richard Koman catches Flickr CEO Stewart Butterfield for a few words on what has made Flickr so revolutionary and where it may be headed.

Separation of Concerns in Web Service Implementations (5 tags)
The principle of "separation of concerns" is much repeated in SOA circles... so why are transactional integrity, security, and business logic so often intermingled in SOA implementations? In this article, Tieu Luu shows how to use Spring to separate out security concerns in an Axis-based web service.

Implementing REST Web Services: Best Practices and Guidelines (4 tags)
Hao He offers guidelines and best practices for implementing REST web services.