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PHP Session Management With Cookies (12 tags)
The stateless nature of HTTP allows applications to distribute content across multiple servers. However, applications that require complex user interaction can't be implemented as stateless web pages. Using sessions and cookies is one way around this. Excerpted from Chapter 8 of Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL.

Session Replication in Tomcat 5 Clusters, Part 2 (5 tags)
In part two of his survey of session replication, Srini Penchikala gets down to raw numbers by comparing the effects of different sizes and styles of replication on cluster performance.

Session Replication in Tomcat 5 Clusters, Part 1 (3 tags)
A web application running on a single server is completely lost if the server goes down. But with a cluster, user sessions can be replicated across servers, so that the system stays up even if one server fails. Srini Penchikala presents Tomcat 5's handling of this feature.

Stateful Session EJBs: Beasts of Burden (3 tags)
Tyler Jewell, BEA Systems Java Trainer, discusses the true purpose of Stateful session EJBs (SFSBs), where they belong in a J2EE design, and where they should not be used. Learn how to harness these beasts to create more robust architectures--not more burdens.

Managing Sessions and State with PHP (2 tags)
HTTP is stateless. If you've ever written a web application where user data matters, you know that managing that data can be troublesome. There are two kinds of data, though: page and session data. Understanding the differences can help you develop better and more easily. Brian Fioca explains.