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Building Web Parts, Part 1 (3 tags)
Websites today contain a wealth of information; so much that a poorly designed site can easily overwhelm users. To better help users cope, portal websites today (such as MSN) often organize their data into discrete units that support a degree of personalization. In this first of three articles, Wei-Meng Lee discusses how to use Web Parts for user customization in your ASP.NET 2.0 websites.

Building Web Parts, Part 2 (3 tags)
In part one of this series, Wei-Meng Lee discussed how to create Web Parts and configure them to look good. But he didn't touch on one of the most important feature of Web Parts; that is, how to let users move the Web Parts from one zone to another. In this article, he shows you how to move Web parts and how you can configure Web Parts to make use of SQL Server 2000.

Navigating SharePoint (3 tags)
Where to begin if you're getting started with SharePoint? Jeff Webb, author of Essential SharePoint, gives you the basics in a few short steps.