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Inside Samba: Windows Sharing for the Mac (18 tags)
Samba is one of the most successful open source projects around, and has been ported to Linux, various BSDs, and Darwin/Mac OS X. Currently it provides disk and print shares, acts as a WINS server, and performs NT4 primary domain controller duties. Jason Deraleau takes you inside Samba and shows you how to configure it on your Jaguar Macintosh.

Anonymous, Open Source P2P with MUTE (3 tags)
It's clear that the current generation of peer-to-peer applications has one strong drawback -- users aren't anonymous enough. Jason Rohrer's MUTE is different. It eschews direct downloads in favor of routing all requests through the network of peers. Howard Wen interviews Rohrer about his inspiration and goals.

Distributing Content with BitTorrent (3 tags)
You have good software, or audio or video, and you want to make it available to the public. If you get really popular, though, you'll spend all of your money and bandwidth being popular--and then what? Consider P2P distribution with BitTorrent, which allows your users to share pieces of your file with each other, giving them faster transfers and you fewer headaches. Robert Bernier explains.

Windows XP File Sharing Mysteries: Part 1 (3 tags)
Confused by file sharing in XP? You're not alone. Mitch Tulloch brings you under the hood and shows you XP's secrets, in the first part of a two-part series.

Next-Generation File Sharing with Social Networks (2 tags)
At the recent O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego, CA, Robert Kaye lead a talk on "Next-Generation File Sharing with Social Software." For those who were able to attend, this essay builds upon that session. And if you missed the talk all together, you can now get up to speed.