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Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example (25 tags)
Asterisk is both an open source toolkit for telephony applications and a full-featured PBX application. Learn how to configure a simple telephone system with Asterisk in this tutorial.

Building Advanced Telecom Apps on a Shoestring (6 tags)
With the development of open standards telephony, VoIP, and hosted, on-demand computing services, it is finally possible to use a low-cost development track to create next-generation telecom services.

Building Your Own Teleconference System with Asterisk and Gizmo (5 tags)
In this companion article to For SARS Press 1, for Bird Flu Press 2..., learn how to set up an inexpensive teleconferencing system using Asterisk and Gizmo. Brian McConnell examines the requirements, provides sample configuration files, and offers some basic troubleshooting advice.

Eight Tips for Migrating to Enterprise VoIP (5 tags)
Ted Wallingford answers the eight most frequent questions asked by prospective VoIP adopters, and offers advice to get you started on the path to enterprise VoIP. Ted is the author of Switching to VoIP.