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The Dynamic Duo of PEAR::DB and Smarty (42 tags)
It can be difficult to separate business logic and formatting in PHP. There are several good templating solutions, though, including the popular and powerful Smarty. Joao Prado Maia demonstrates how to use Smarty with a database back end through the PEAR::DB library.

Introducing Smarty: A PHP Template Engine (6 tags)
It is quite common for PHP developers to include other files in an effort to reuse code, however templates make that job easier and allow you to separate HMTL layout from code logic.

Three-Tier Development with PHP 5 (5 tags)
Well-factored applications separate data storage, manipulation, and display. For PHP programmers, PHP 5 and PEAR make that easier than ever. Luis Yordano Cruz demonstrates how to combine PEAR::DB_DataObject, Smarty, and PHP 5 to improve the design and maintenance of your applications.