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An Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture from a Java Developer Perspective (92 tags)
Service-oriented architectures offer a new way to think about building software applications, with coarse-grained pieces of functionality split out into "services" that communicate with standardized, widely understood interfaces like XML and SOAP. In this article, Debu Panda shows you how to design and connect SOAs.

What Is Service-Oriented Architecture (68 tags)
Service-Oriented Architecture underpins most modern web services. It aims to achieve loose coupling between interacting software agents in order to preserve the benefits of reusability, extensibility and simplicity.

Service-Oriented Architecture Explained (23 tags)
SOA (service-oriented architecture) has become a buzzword of late. Although the concepts behind SOA have been around for over a decade now, SOA has gained extreme popularity of late due to web services. Before we dive in and talk about what SOA is and what are the essentials behind SOA, it is a useful first step to look back at the evolution of SOA. To do that, we have to simply look at the challenges developers have faced over the past few decades and observe the solutions that have been proposed to solve their problems. Sayad Hashimi gets you started with SOA.

Separation of Concerns in Web Service Implementations (13 tags)
The principle of "separation of concerns" is much repeated in SOA circles... so why are transactional integrity, security, and business logic so often intermingled in SOA implementations? In this article, Tieu Luu shows how to use Spring to separate out security concerns in an Axis-based web service.

SOA Made Simple (7 tags)
Rich Salz shows us how to create WSDL descriptions of web services simply and easily, using rather a lot of boilerplate.