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Introducing Nonblocking Sockets (26 tags)
Nonblocking sockets, the new I/O API in J2SE 1.4, allow I/O operations on a channel without blocking the processes using it. This will allow for asynchronous high-performance read/write operations that will totally alter the techniques for developing socked-based applications.

Networking in Cocoa (2 tags)
Now that he's returned from his book writing hiatus, Mike Beam shows you how to finish off the RCE chat program he started several columns ago.

How to Write a Cocoa Web Server (2 tags)
Learn how to use NSSocketPort, NSFileHandle, and Cocoa notifications to write a server application without having to create a multi-threaded application. Jürgen Schweizer also shows how to use Core Foundation APIs to deal with the low-level details of the HTTP protocol in this working example of building a Cocoa web server.