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Creating Spotlight Plugins (15 tags)
Last time, we used Spotlight to query and manipulate metadata for existing files. This is great, but what if you want Spotlight to index a custom file format? Don't fret. Spotlight was designed to be extensible and to accommodate any file format. In this piece, Matthew Russell shows you how.

A Closer Look at Spotlight (11 tags)
Spotlight integration with Tiger and its apps tilts the scales back toward Safari, Address Book, iCal, and Mail for your core applications. Matthew Russell shows you how this intelligent technology enables you to find just about anything, anywhere, regardless of where you are at that moment.

Programming with Spotlight (11 tags)
The API for Spotlight offers highly advanced search capabilities. In fact, you can develop some of the very features of Tiger we've already grown to love using Spotlight's API. In this piece, Matthew Russell will ease you into Spotlight programming from a Cocoa dev perspective, showing you how to make your applications Spotlight enabled.

All About Spotlight - David Pogue's Podcast #1 (2 tags)
Listen to David Pogue's secret Tiger tips for Spotlight super searches--how to use spotlight to help access your data faster, streamline searches, and even launch applications faster. (7 minutes, 6.6 MB)