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Creating Your Own CA (39 tags)
Rob Flickenger, author of O'Reilly's recently released Linux Server Hacks, shows you how to establish your own SSL Certificate Authority using OpenSSL and a utility called

A Day in the Life of #Apache (11 tags)
Rich Bowen is back after a hiatus with another column based on his conversations on the IRC channel #apache. Rich explains why it is in fact possible to run name-based SSL virtual hosts on Apache. Rich is a coauthor of O'Reilly's Apache Cookbook.

Using SSL with Non-Blocking IO (4 tags)
Java 1.4 introduced non-blocking IO in the NIO package, but not a means of running SSL over it. That forced developers to choose between security and scalability. In J2SE 5.0, there is now a transport-agnostic SSL API, but it takes some work to understand. Nuno Santos shows how to put the two together.

Distributing Your CA to Client Browsers (4 tags)
In a follow-up to his article on "Creating Your Own CA," Rob Flickenger, author of Linux Server Hacks, shows you how to distribute your new Certificate Authority to a client's browser. He also offers some key advice on accepting a new CA in your browser.

Apache and SSL (3 tags)
Learn how SSL establishes a secure HTTP connection, uses ciphers and digital certificates to encrypt and authenticate two parties, and how to integrate it into Apache.