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XML on the Web Has Failed (21 tags)
In Mark Pilgrim's latest Dive into XML column he argues that most XML on the Web has failed utterly, miserably, completely.

The Vanishing Image: XHTML 2 Migration Issues (4 tags)
In Mark Pilgrim's latest Dive Into XML column, Pilgrim examines XHTML 2.0 object element, which is a replacment for the more familiar and widely supported img.

Printing XML: Why CSS Is Better than XSL (3 tags)
One of the old school debates among XML developers is "CSS versus XSLT." Håkun Wium Lie and Michael Day revive that debate with a shot across XSL's bow.

The Web is Ruined and I Ruined it (3 tags)
In "The Web is Ruined and I Ruined it" self-proclaimed HTML Terrorist David Siegel discusses how proper separation of structure (HTML), style (CSS), and semantics (XML) make content more compelling and design more effective.

Weblogs, Publish-Subscribe, and Web Collections: A REST Analysis (2 tags)
Mike Dierken offers a REST analysis of several weblog and other web notification systems, including and Google.