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Managing Disk Space with LVM (37 tags)
Linux's Logical Volume Manager (LVM) allows you to create virtual disk partitions out of one or more hard drives. This makes it easy to manage growth in filesystems. Combined with RAID, it provides a nearly unbeatable way to keep your files safe and available. Bryce Harrington and Kees Cook show how to configure LVM, how to combine it with RAID, and how to use it on desktop machines too.

Keeping Your Life in Subversion (4 tags)
Revision control is great for collaborative projects and distributed projects. How well does it work for individuals? According to Joey Hess, fantastically. He's kept his home directory under revision control for years--here's how he does it with Subversion.

Speeding up Linux Using hdparm (3 tags)
Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

Using Amazon S3 from Perl (3 tags)
Amazon's Simple Storage Service provides a simple, flexible, and inexpensive way to manage online data storage. Amazon's S3 modules for Perl make storing and retrieving data in your own programs almost trivial, leaving Amazon to worry about hosting, scaling, and backups. Abel Lin shows how to store, retrieve, and store data with Amazon S3.

A First Look at the Kowari Triplestore (2 tags)
An introduction to the Kowari open source RDF store.