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Getting the Most Out of the Struts Tag Libraries (18 tags)
The Jakarta Struts framework, which was introduced in 2000, includes a set of Tag libraries that are instrumental in harvesting the fruits of the Struts framework. Chuck Cavaness, author of Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference, looks at some of the ways to get more out of those tags and helps make sense of a few of the more complicated tasks.

Extending Struts (17 tags)
With so many web application frameworks available, there's little point reinventing the wheel, especially when Struts offers remarkable extensibility. Sunil Patil introduces the three basic means of extending Struts to achieve custom web application behavior.

Wiring Your Web Application with Open Source Java (16 tags)
Building a web application with Java can be a complex process when architecting a combination of UI, business logic, and persistence. This article introduces a way to leverage open source software to lessen the burden.

Jakarta Struts: Seven Lessons from the Trenches (11 tags)
Chuck Cavaness, author of Programming Jakarta Struts, describes for Java programmers some of lessons he learned the hard way when he used the Struts framework to build a company application.

Unit Test Your Struts Application (8 tags)
Consistent unit testing is an essential part of development, but web applications aren't necessarily well-suited to unit testing--how to you validate the "correctness" of a returned stream of text or HTML? Lu Jian has an answer in the form of StrutsUT, a Cactus-based library for unit testing Struts web apps.