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Creating an SVG Wiki (10 tags)
Wikis are a popular way of text-based collaboration on the web. Danny Ayers shows how to add SVG support to wikis, in order to share diagrams as well as text.

Extending SVG for XForms (8 tags)
This month's SVG column, the first of a two-part series, explains the first steps in using SVG, CSS, and EcmaScript to build XForms applications.

Big Lists in Small Spaces (7 tags)
After a long hiatus, our Sacré SVG columnist, Fabio Arciniegas, returns with a technique for displaying large lists or trees of information in small spaces.

SVG At the Movies (7 tags)
Antoine Quint returns with a new column about SVG -- this time he focuses on the interesting new features for video integration in SVG 1.2.

Automated Tree Drawing: XSLT and SVG (7 tags)
Jirka Kosek describes a technique for creating graphics of tree structures from a simple textual syntax using SVG and XSLT.