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Hacking Swing with Undocumented Classes and Properties (10 tags)
Joshua Marinacci, coauthor of Swing Hacks, shows you six undocumented features, classes, and properties that let you hack into Swing. From how to hide a frame from the Windows task bar to how to make Mac OS X windows truly transparent, these undocumented hacks can add a level of polish that will make your apps stand out from the rest.

Agile User Interface Development (9 tags)
Agile is a sea of change, refocusing software developers on quality and speed. Its impact on the practice of software development is already being compared to that of object-oriented design. However, one area of effort has been slow to change: development of the graphical user interface (GUI). The critical question: how do you do test-first GUI development? Paul Hamill, author of Unit Test Frameworks, discusses separating GUI elements into smart objects and thin view components and doing TDD of the smart objects.

Creating Custom Desktop Components (9 tags)
Swing includes a vast collection of GUI components, but sometimes you need something that's unique to your application. Andrei Cioroianu returns with an installment on how to code your own Swing widget.

Vertical Text in Java (3 tags)
Apple's Human Interface Guidelines specify vertical text in side tabs for Java applications, but Java only supports horizontal text -- that is until Lee Ann Rucker wrote the VTextIcon class. Here's how it works.

BlackMamba: A Swing Case Study (2 tags)
It's one thing to learn the bits and pieces of a Swing GUI -- how to create a model and wire it up to a JTable or JTree. It's quite another to think through and develop a full-blown application. Ashwin Jayaprakash uses an email client, BlackMamba, to show how the pieces of a Swing application fit together.