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Asterisk: A Bare-Bones VoIP Example (36 tags)
Asterisk is both an open source toolkit for telephony applications and a full-featured PBX application. Learn how to configure a simple telephone system with Asterisk in this tutorial.

The PBX Is Dead; Long Live VoIP (12 tags)
The private branch exchange has been the reference standard for business telephone systems for decades, but the technology is on the verge of obsolescence, thanks in large part to open source VoIP technology. Brian McConnell delves into Asterisk, a Linux-based open source softswitch, and why it may herald the end of PBX.

Top Ten Questions People Ask About Switching to Internet Telephones (9 tags)
Talk Is Cheap author James Gaskin blames internet telephone vendors, and the press, for dropping the information ball for consumers when it comes to the basic questions they have about switching to internet, or broadband, telephones. If you're contemplating a switch, James has answers to ten most frequently asked questions about dropping your traditional telephone provider for broadband.

Building Advanced Telecom Apps on a Shoestring (8 tags)
With the development of open standards telephony, VoIP, and hosted, on-demand computing services, it is finally possible to use a low-cost development track to create next-generation telecom services.

What Is Skype (4 tags)
Heard the Skype hype and want to learn more? Here's what you need to know. Skype lets you make free calls over the internet to anyone anywhere in the world who also has Skype. Your computer (or PocketPC) works as your telephone. In this article, James Gaskin descibes what Skype is, how it works, and where its limitations and strengths lie. James is the author of Talk Is Cheap.