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Python-Powered Templates with Cheetah (24 tags)
It's true; XSLT isn't the be-all, end-all of templating and transformation systems. If you use Python, consider instead Cheetah, a template engine based on Python. Andrew Glover demonstrates its simplicity and power for producing text in all kinds of formats.

Advanced HTML::Template: Filters (4 tags)
HTML::Template is a templating module for HTML made powerful by its simplicity. Its minimal set of operations enforces a strict separation between presentation and logic. However, sometimes that minimalism makes templates unwieldy. Philipp Janert demonstrates how filters help you regain simplicity and separation of concerns.

Making Feature-Rich, Movable Type RSS Files (4 tags)
RSS feeds, especially RSS 1.0 ones, are made much more valuable with every extra piece of information you can put inside. Ben Hammersley, author of Content Syndication with RSS, walks through how to create a feed that contains all of the data you can possibly pull out of a standard Movable Type installation.

Reverse Callback Templating (4 tags)
Many programmers know of the two main systems of templating. One embeds actual source code into the template. The other provides a mini language with loops, conditionals, and other control structures. There is a third way -- a reverse callback system. James Robson explains this best-of-both-worlds approach by demonstrating Perl's Template::Recall module.

Quick and Easy Custom Templates with XDoclet (2 tags)
Got Ruby-on-Rails envy? With XDoclet templates, you can automate the creation of all kinds of boilerplate Java code: beans, controllers, services, and more. Jason Lee used XDoclet to help his Spring development, and in this article he shows you how to get started.