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Rolling with Ruby on Rails, Part 2 (4 tags)
Curt Hibbs introduced Ruby on Rails by building a simple but functional web application in just a few minutes. Does the ease of use continue? He thinks so. In the second of two parts, Curt completes his example Rails application in merely 47 lines of code.

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips (3 tags)
You have a digital camera and have taken the typical shots of family and friends. Now what? Here are ten tips to make your next batch of digital images so impressive that people will ask: "Hey, what type of camera do you have?" Guess what? It's not the camera.

Rethinking Community Documentation (3 tags)
Good documentation makes good software great. Poor documentation makes great software less useful. What is good documentation, though, and how can communities produce it effectively? Andy Oram explores how free and open source software projects can share their knowledge with users and how publishers and editors fit into the future of documentation.

Rapid Web Application Deployment with Maypole (2 tags)
Maypole is a framework for creating web applications; Simon Cozens explains how to set up database-backed applications extremely rapidly.

Muscle Up Your Mac FTP (2 tags)
Here's a much better and vastly safer way to FTP on the Mac than using the built-in FTP software in Jaguar or Panther, which is an Apple-modified version of FTP software that works fine with other Unix variants, but has its problems on the Mac. Glenn Fleishman explains.