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What Are Topic Maps (10 tags)
An introduction to XML Topic Maps, an XML standard that can be used to index and capture relationships between concepts, improving the findability of information.

An Introduction to TMAPI (6 tags)
TMAPI, a Java Topic Map API, is the standard way to interact with XML Topic Maps programmatically from Java. This article provides a tutorial for TMAPI.

Using Topic Maps to Extend Relational Databases (6 tags)
Relational databases are fast and efficient ways to store data, but they can often be inflexible when application requirements change. Augmenting them with the capabilities of Topic Maps can solve this problem, and enhance interoperability between databases.

Business Maps: Topic Maps Go B2B (3 tags)
Marc de Graauw shows how topic maps can be used to help solve interoperability problems between XML B2B vocabularies.

Topic Maps (3 tags)
Topic maps have made a big splash at XML Europe this year, with fourteen presentations and two tutorials. Find out what they are, who's behind them, and why they matter.