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Inventing the Future (9 tags)
What does Tim O'Reilly see today that the world will be writing about (and the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs chasing) in the years to come?

Perl Needs Better Tools (4 tags)
Perl is a fantastic language for getting your work done. It's flexible, forgiving, malleable, and dynamic. Why shouldn't it have good, powerful tools? Are Perl development tools behind those of other, perhaps less-capable languages? J. Matisse Enzer argues that Perl needs better tools, and explains what those tools should do.

Technologies to Watch: A Look at Four That May Challenge Java’s Development Dominance (2 tags)
Bruce Tate has a knack for identifying successful technologies. He was one of the early developers who identified the emergence of the Spring framework; he predicted the demise of EJB 2 technologies a full year before the EJB 3 expert group abandoned the older approaches. In his new book, Beyond Java, Bruce looks at four languages and technologies that may challenge Java's dominance in some development niches.