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Television Listings and XMLTV (36 tags)
On a quest to build a DIY personal video recorder, Kyle Downey gets to grips with XMLTV, a toolkit for screen-scraping TV listings data into XML.

Freevo: Freedom For Your TV (11 tags)
PVRs may be the next big thing in home entertainment, but relying on a closed box leaves you few options for customization. The Freevo project is building a platform for developing television-aware applications, whether recording, timeshifting, or general-purpose mayhem. Howard Wen explains the Freevo project and interviews its developers.

Miglia TVMicro and EyeTV: Easy TV on Your Mac (7 tags)
The Miglia TVMicro is a small USB device and comes bundled with a remote control and the renowned EyeTV app, which makes it trivial to pull up program listings, schedule recordings, and more. Costing roughly $100, this is a purchase that might just pay for itself sooner than you think. Matthew Russell reviews.