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Very Dynamic Web Interfaces (30 tags)
Drew McLellan explains how to use XMLHTTPRequest and Javascript to create web applications with very dynamic, smooth interfaces.

Agile User Interface Development (8 tags)
Agile is a sea of change, refocusing software developers on quality and speed. Its impact on the practice of software development is already being compared to that of object-oriented design. However, one area of effort has been slow to change: development of the graphical user interface (GUI). The critical question: how do you do test-first GUI development? Paul Hamill, author of Unit Test Frameworks, discusses separating GUI elements into smart objects and thin view components and doing TDD of the smart objects.

Make Internal Links Scroll Smoothly with JavaScript (4 tags)
When users navigate a long document and encounter an internal link that jumps to another location in that same document, it often leads to confusion: are they on the same page, or a different page? Stuart Langridge, author of DHTML Utopia (SitePoint), provides the answer to this problem. Using JavaScript, Stuart shows how to make links scroll through the document to the linked location rather than jumping straight there.

Big Lists in Small Spaces (3 tags)
After a long hiatus, our Sacré SVG columnist, Fabio Arciniegas, returns with a technique for displaying large lists or trees of information in small spaces.

The Web is Ruined and I Ruined it (3 tags)
In "The Web is Ruined and I Ruined it" self-proclaimed HTML Terrorist David Siegel discusses how proper separation of structure (HTML), style (CSS), and semantics (XML) make content more compelling and design more effective.