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Unicode Secrets (26 tags)
In his latest Python-XML column, Uche Ogbuji delves broadly and deeply into the world of Unicode, especially with regard to processing XML in Python.

More Unicode Secrets (19 tags)
In this month's Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji continues his discussion of Unicode secrets with regard to XML processing in Python, especially BOMs and stream objects.

Proper XML Output in Python (6 tags)
In his latest Python and XML column, Uche Ogbuji explores the intricacies of creating proper XML output in Python, including character set and encoding issues.

Cooking with Python, Part 1 (6 tags)
In these sample recipes from Python Cookbook, Second Edition, learn how to use Unicode to handle international text strings that include non-ASCII characters, and how to select the nth smallest element of a sequence. Check back here next week for two more recipes on implementing a ring buffer and computing prime numbers.

Understanding Newlines (5 tags)
Munging text is familiar to agile language programmers. It's very straightforward, right? Text comes in, text changes, and text goes out. Yet in a multi-OS world with networks, internationalization, and character sets, is text really that simple? Xavier Noria delves into how computers handle text to explain the newline problem and how to work with it in agile languages.