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Getting Your Bluetooth Headset to Work in XP (5 tags)
With Bluetooth support built into SP2, getting a Bluetooth headset to work should be a breeze. But it ain't necessarily so. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to do it.

Use Your Digital Camera with Linux (3 tags)
With the holidays over, it's time to pause, reflect, and clean up a bit. Why not download the photos from your digital camera? Don't worry, it's easy under Linux. Robert Bernier demonstrates the killer combination of gphoto2, ImageMagick, and digiKam.

Securing Key Chain Flash Drives (2 tags)
The current crop of key chain Flash drives have incredible storage capacity. They are perfect for keeping personal data with you at all times. But what if you lose your keys? Here are a couple of easy ways to protect yourself, and your data.

USB Video Conferencing with Panther (2 tags)
iSights are great for video conferencing ... if you have one, that is. But is there a way to use that old USB webcam with iChat AV? Wei-Meng Lee figured it out and shows you how in this article.