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Data Munging with Sprog (7 tags)
Sprog is a graphical programming environment written in Perl, programmable by connecting components visually and setting their properties. Sure, you've heard that promise before--but Grant McLean demonstrates how to retrieve and munge tabular data from a web page into LDIF files without writing a lick of code.

What Is Preview (and Why You Should Use It) (3 tags)
Apple's Preview app is best known as a PDF viewer and a Macintosh alternative to Adobe Reader. This software, however, is also a capable image viewer, and you can even edit your pictures with its tools. Giles Turnbull shows you that there's more to Preview than first meets the eye.

Hacking Your Way Off The Utility Grid (3 tags)
Brian McConnell describes how he retrofitted his home to generate its own energy and significantly reduce its energy footprint. Learn how he installed a grid-intertied solar electric system, as well as solar water heating and solar forced air heaters.

17 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do with iWork (2 tags)
If you've installed iWork on your hard drive but haven't had a chance to really dig into it yet, maybe this article will inspire you to do so. Giles Turnbull takes you on a romp through this production suite showing you lots of fun and useful things to do with it.

Windows Server Hacks: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop (2 tags)
What to do when you need to enable Remote Desktop on a remote server? Mitch Tulloch, author of Windows Server Hacks, walks you through the steps.