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The REST of the Web (8 tags)
REST, Representational State Transfer, is a collection of design principles that use simple, stateless HTTP for data transfer, without the method-call-like abstractions of RMI or SOAP. Jason R. Briggs shows how you can use this simple architecture, with Jython and Velocity, to develop nimble, loosely coupled web applications.

Accelerating JSP Tag Development with Jakarta Velocity (7 tags)
Tags are cool. They are, however, a pain to write, as they put HTML inside of Java code, which is neither pretty nor maintainable, even in the short term. This article shows how to improve the situation by using Jakarta Velocity.

Template-Based Code Generation with Apache Velocity, Part 2 (3 tags)
Giuseppe Naccarato's investigation of code generation continues with a look at using a language-agnostic model to represent the relationships of classes, attributes, and operations in the code to be generated. Does it work better than something platform-specific? The answer is surprising.

Migrating to Velocity (3 tags)
Velocity offers a compelling way to develop web applications, but converting an existing JSP-based project is no simple task. Jason Briggs shows how he used Velocity servlets to ease the transition.

Template-Based Code Generation with Apache Velocity, Part 1 (2 tags)
This article demonstrates a simple code generator in Java that uses Velocity. The generator takes an XML representation of classes and data members and generates the Java code to define them. The generation process will be driven by a template that encapsulates the syntax of the target programming language.