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Making the Jump to Subversion (4 tags)
Subversion can run standalone or on a network as a repository server with multiple clients. The preferred client/server configuration uses Apache and WebDAV for network communication. It's a powerful alternative to CVS, and Adam Swift shows you the ins and outs in this tutorial.

Distributed Version Control with svk (4 tags)
What started off for Chia-liang Kao as a wrapper around the Subversion version control system rapidly turned into a fully-fledged distributed VCS itself -- all, of course, in Perl.

Single-User Subversion (3 tags)
Revision control isn't just for distributed, multi-developer teams. Rafael Garcia-Suarez introduces Subversion and explains how to use it for personal projects.

Collaborative Document Editing with svk (2 tags)
If you've ever tried to write a document collaboratively, you know the pain of tracking multiple edits. Programmers face the same difficulties with source code, so why not borrow their version control solutions? Chia-liang Kao demonstrates how to use svk, a distributed version control system, to manage changes to translations and other collaborative documents.

The Top Ten Subversion Tips for CVS Users (2 tags)
If you've been contemplating a switch from CVS to Subversion, there's more to it than simply learning Subversion's new features. You'll need to unlearn some bad habits CVS has instilled in you as well. Brian Fitzpatrick, coauthor of Version Control with Subversion, offers ten Subversion tips that will help users break bad CVS habits and form good Subversion ones.