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How to Publish Multiple Websites Using a Single Tomcat Web Application (6 tags)
While the idea of mapping several names onto one Apache instance with VirtualHost directives is well known, what do you do when you're serving web apps with Tomcat? Satya Komatineni has both the code and the configs that you'll need to make this work.

Simplify Your Life with Apache Virtual Hosts (3 tags)
Not every web site needs its own server or IP address. Apache and HTTP 1.1 both allow different sites to share a single box and a IP address. Russell Dyer explains how virtual hosts can make your life easier as a web developer and a system administrator.

Virtual Hosts, mod_rendezvous_apple, and Apache on Mac OS X (2 tags)
In this article, Joe Maller shows you a three-step workaround for serving locally-named virtual hosts to Rendezvous clients.

A Day in the Life of #Apache (2 tags)
Rich Bowen is back after a hiatus with another column based on his conversations on the IRC channel #apache. Rich explains why it is in fact possible to run name-based SSL virtual hosts on Apache. Rich is a coauthor of O'Reilly's Apache Cookbook.

VPN on Mac OS X (2 tags)
Virtual Private Networking is an excellent way to reduce the costs of multiple site and remote access networks, while simultaneously increasing the overall security of your network. Here's a detailed look at enabling VPN on Mac OS X.